G12 Worship is the worship team of G12 in the United States, based out of Miami and California, led by Pastor Cesar Castellanos, who started the main church in Bogota, Colombia and has now expanded to all of South America, North America and Europe.
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The former Dove Award-Winning band, Soulfire Revolution, is now G12 Worship! It is the contemporary worship band for the G12 Churches in America -it is a collective made up of pastors and leaders from many congregations across the United States. 


We have experienced times of awakening where the church has been revived in fire and the irresistible power of God has been manifested. However, they have been short. We are expecting the greatest revival ever, and we can hear its sound already. It resounds so loud that every ear is hearing it. It will last and it will bring a complete change to society; Heaven will touch earth, and it will remain like this for ever. We are paving the way for this to happen.


For booking please email: andres.cufinho@g12.co


G12 Worship exists to sing about who God is and what He can do. Our desire is to create songs that resonate with worshipers and cause a change in every life. If you want to receive tours and new releases info, please sign up here.

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