Key of C major

By your Fmercy I am savedG
I hear you Am calling out my name
Nothing can Fseparate me from Gyour perfect loveAm
When I was Fburied in my sinG
Grace came and Amraised me up again
You have adopted me and now I am yours

You’re my Amfather, never Ffailing
You Ctake me as I am
I Grun Eminto Your Arms
You’re my Amfather and you Flove me
I Ccall you Abba GfatherEm

I place my life inside Your hands
Lord I will trust in all Your plans
I know Your love for me is strong and never fails

Now I come before your throne
Here in Your presence I belong
No more condemnation, I am your child
AmAbba FFaCtherG

Lorena C, Luke Pew, Paola S, Anthony C

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