A♭Blood ran down from the wooden crossE♭
FmRedeemed me from my emptinessD♭
A♭escaped the prison of my pastE♭
FmI’m forgiven
D♭I’ll live at the A♭cross

Surrender it allFm
To Jesus Christ my KingE♭
A♭There’s power in the blood, E♭blood of FmJesus D♭
A♭You overcame death, E♭blood of FmJesus D♭
A♭There’s healing in this E♭place, blood of FmJesus D♭
A♭You took away my pain, E♭blood of FmJesus D♭
A♭Your hands pierced for myE♭ shame Fm
The earth shook, the curtain torn awayD♭
A♭Your scars speak of endless loveE♭
It is finishedFm
D♭I’ll live at the crossA♭
Surrender it allFm
To Jesus Christ my KingE♭
We have overcome by the blood of the lamb

Written by: Luke Page, Lorena Castellanos, Yecelin Gamba, Anthony Catacoli

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