You set Gwonders inA the sky Bm
And Dsigns onD/F# the earth G
You saGid let there Abe lightBm
And the DuniverseD/F# began G
GTransformaAtion comes Bmwhen we setD our eyesD/F# on Christ G
You’re Gstarting Asomething Bmnew
You’re Dstarting someD/F#thing newG
This Gis the Asound of Bmrevival DbreakingD/F# out G

HeavenG is Ahere Bm
To Dchange D/F#our everything G
//He put a newG song in Amy mouthBm
I will Dpraise him, D/F#I will shoutG//

I see Gvisions I seeA dreams Bm
A Dgeneration D/F#thatG believes
MountaGins tremAbling Bm
HearDts awakeD/F#ning G

Hear Gus, we Acry outBm
With Dall our D/F#strength we singG out loud
We needG a changeA right nowBm
EveryD knee willD/F# bow G

Lorena Castellanos, Anthony Catacoli

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